When I migrate RDS table to the Dynamodb, one of major important functionality is generating sequence id. Dynamodb do not support it.

Here is an example for using DynamoDB add expression to generate a sequential id. Also you don't need to create the item before update it. DynamoDB will automatically create a new item if it doesn't exist.

  1. // initiate dynamodb client
  2. AmazonDynamoDB client = AmazonDynamoDBClientBuilder.standard()
  3. .withRegion(region)
  4. .withCredentials(
  5. ...
  6. )
  7. .build()
  9. // primary key
  10. HashMap<String, AttributeValue> key = new HashMap<String, AttributeValue>();
  11. key.put("id", new AttributeValue().withS("sequenceId"));
  13. // expression value
  14. Map<String, AttributeValue> u = new HashMap<String, AttributeValue>();
  15. u.put(":val", new AttributeValue().withN("1"));
  17. // expression name
  18. Map<String, String> n = new HashMap<String, String>();
  19. n.put("#index", "index");
  21. UpdateItemRequest req = new UpdateItemRequest()
  22. .withTableName("table_name")
  23. .withKey(key)
  24. .withUpdateExpression("ADD #index :val")
  25. .withExpressionAttributeValues(u)
  26. .withExpressionAttributeNames(n)
  27. .withReturnValues(ReturnValue.UPDATED_NEW);
  28. UpdateItemResult res = this.client.updateItem(req);
  29. Map<String, AttributeValue> attr = res.getAttributes();
  30. int result = Integer.parseInt(attr.get("index").getN());

DynamoDB has four kind of update expressions: SET, ADD, REMOVE, DELETE, in the case, I use add expression: ADD #index + 1

- https://docs.aws.amazon.com/amazondynamodb/latest/developerguide/Expressions.UpdateExpressions.html
- SET: Modifying or Adding Item Attributes
- REMOVE: Deleting Attributes from an Item
- ADD: Updating Numbers and Sets
- DELETE: Removing Elements from a Set

Update if the item doesn't exist

If you use ADD to increment or decrement a number value for an item that doesn't exist before the update, DynamoDB uses 0 as the initial value. Also, if you update an item using ADD to increment or decrement a number value for an attribute that doesn't exist before the update (but the item does) DynamoDB uses 0 as the initial value. For example, you use ADD to add +3 to an attribute that did not exist before the update. DynamoDB uses 0 for the initial value, and the value after the update is 3.

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